Česká Třebová has modified the rules for the sale and purchase of land

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-12   15:44

Česká Třebová in the Orlickoústecko Region has modified the rules for the sale and purchase of land. The so-called Concept of Property Behaviour of the town sets fixed prices for smaller plots of land for which expert opinions will not be used. The council's previous decision from 2020 no longer corresponded to the situation on the real estate market, announced Mayor Zdeněk Řehák (3PK - For Prosperous CT).

"The previous prices were unacceptable nowadays, so we prepared an adjustment that increased them," Řehák said.

The new price for the sale of municipal land up to an area of 200 square metres in the cadastral areas of Česká Třebová, Parník and Lhotka u Česká Třebové is CZK 850 per square metre, compared to CZK 100 to 600 previously. In the cadastral areas of Kozlov u Ceska Třebové, Skuhrov u Ceska Třebové and Svinná u Ceska Třebové the new price is CZK 300 per square metre, which is double the previous price. In the case of land that includes a building, an expert's valuation of the normal price is required, as is the case for land with an area of over 200 square metres.

For the purchase of land under local and special-purpose roads and public spaces used for public greenery, the councillors set the basic negotiation price for the territory of the town at CZK 300 per square metre and CZK 150 per square metre for the associated municipalities of Kozlov, Skuhrov and Svinná. For plots with buildings or forest land, an expert's estimate will be used.

At their recent meeting, the councillors revised several resolutions on the sale of municipal land. "The problem was the price level. It was set quite low and for today's times, when land has a completely different value, it was sold at non-market prices," said Řehák. He did not rule out that in the future the city will sell some land by auction.

Source: Česká Třebová and CTK