Emfor Montaj took over the construction company of the Bîlteanu family

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-09-19   10:07

The builder specialized in foundations for power lines Emfor Montaj has bought the construction company H4L General Contractor from the Bîlteanu family, with the aim of diversifying its activity in the civil construction segment.

Emfor Montaj has now changed the company's name to Emfor AG, a decision which prepares it to diversify its activities.

"It is currently a good time for energy, industrial and infrastructure works in Romania, works on which Emfor Montaj's activity is almost dependent at present, but, as it happened in the past, at some point these types of developments/constructions slow down, so there is a need to diversify the activity towards civil constructions – turnkey," said Ionuț Dragoș Bîlteanu, vice-chairman of the board of Electromontaj.

The acquisition of the construction company also involved taking over a team of architects, project managers and site managers, who will join the 128 employees of Emfor Montaj.

Source: Profit.ro