How much do you need to have for a three-room from the developer in Poland?

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2023-09-21   11:33

At what prices are the cheapest new three-room apartments? In what size? In which investments can they be found?

Angelika Kliś, board member of Atal S.A.:
In Warsaw's Zakątek Harmonia II project, a three-bedroom apartment of 56 sqm can be bought for PLN 487,461. In the Nowe Miasto Polesie IVB project in Łódź, a 53-sqm unit is available for purchase for PLN 393,754, and in the Źródlana 31 Residence project in Piotrkow Trybunalski, a three-room apartment of 48 sqm is on offer for PLN 345,280.

In Poznań, in the Naramowice Odnova project, you need PLN 429,306 for the cheapest three-room apartment of 49 sqm. In Wrocław's Atal Strachowicka development, a 52 sqm apartment is on sale for PLN 505,390.
In the Ogrody Andersa development in Gliwice, three rooms of 48 sqm are offered for PLN 459,792. And in Chorzow, in Panorama Reden, an apartment of 57 sqm is for PLN 476,587.

In the Tri-City in the Blue Amber development in Reda, a three-room of 53 sqm costs PLN 443,685. In Krakow, meanwhile, three rooms of 55 sqm at the lowest price customers will find in the Strefa Cegielnia investment. The listing price of the unit is PLN 488,094.

Tomasz Kaleta, director of the Sales Department, Develia S.A.:
As for Wrocław, the cheapest three-room apartments can be found in the Cinnamon Vita development. Premises with an area of about 57 sqm can be bought for about 530 thousand zlotys. In the case of Warsaw, the least expensive for a three-room with a similar area in the Toruńska Vita project will pay about PLN 690 thousand. In Gdansk, on the other hand, the cheapest apartment with this number of rooms and an area of 50 sqm is offered for 455 thousand zlotys in the Południe Vita development.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, director of the Marketing and Sales Division at J.W. Construction:
The cheapest three-room apartments of at least 48 sqm are currently available for PLN 407 thousand in the Osiedle Kościuszki development in Chorzów. In the Stacja Centrum project in Pruszków, prices of threesomes start at PLN 531 thousand.

In Gdansk, the purchase of a three-room apartment is possible for PLN 660 thousand. The Nad Odrą project in Szczecin has three-room apartments available at prices starting from PLN 720 thousand.

In Warsaw, we have three-room apartments, priced from PLN 761 thousand in the new, intimate project Naturalnie Aluzyjna. This is a project of a higher standard, with a number of pro-environmental and energy-efficient solutions, which translate into very low property maintenance costs. Residents in this development will be virtually energy self-sufficient, for example, they will not incur heating costs.

Michal Witkowski, sales director of Lokum Deweloper:
Three-room apartments ranging from 51 sqm to 77 sqm at the most attractive prices are available in the Lokum Monte development, where they can be purchased from 499 thousand zlotys. The development is located in Sobótka, 30 minutes by car to Wroclaw. It's a perfect solution for those looking for housing in a quiet neighborhood. Customers are also asking for three-room units located close to the city center. They can be found in the Lokum Porto development, located in the Old Town in Wroclaw, where 53-75 sqm meters are available, with prices starting at around PLN 700,000.

Also very popular is the Lokum Verde development, under construction in Wrocław's Zakrzów district, where in a secluded, green area we offer comfortable three-room apartments with areas of 46-66 sqm, priced from PLN 569 thousand.

As part of the Kraków offer, we have the last available three-room units in the Lokum Siesta project, located in a secluded location in Debniki, and in Lokum Salsa, a development located in Zabłocie, where 50-70 sqm apartments are available.

We have a larger selection of triples of 55-60 sqm in the Lokum Vista housing development, located next to Bonarka City Center. Prices for three-room apartments in Krakow start at PLN 13,000/sqm.

Karolina Bronszewska, Member of the Management Board, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Ronson Development:
Customers will find the cheapest three-room apartments in Szczecin's Nowa Północ and Nowe Warzymice developments. Nowa Północ, for example, offers a 49 sqm apartment priced from PLN 423,000. In the fourth stage of the Nowe Warzymice project, on the other hand, prices for three-room apartments start at PLN 498 thousand.

Very good prices are also offered in the Grunwald Między Drzewami project in Poznań, where a three-room with an area of 53 sqm costs PLN 568 thousand. And also in the recently completed Grunwaldzka 240 project in Poznań. Here you can buy a three-room apartment starting at PLN 574 thousand.

Among Warsaw's developments, noteworthy is the much-loved My City investment, where prices for three rooms start at PLN 603 thousand, as well as Eko Falenty, in an estate of energy-efficient mini houses, where prices for three-room segments start at PLN 604 thousand.

Zuzanna Należyta, commercial director at Eco Classic:
At the moment, we have the cheapest apartments on offer in Warsaw's Moja Północna development, and they cost PLN 610 thousand.

Janusz Miller, sales and marketing director of Home Invest:
We have been focusing our operations in Warsaw for more than 18 years. Currently, the cheapest three-room apartment is in our flagship Warszawski Świt development in Bródno. For the amount of PLN 626,000 one can purchase a unit of about 53 sqm.

Mariola Żak, sales and marketing director at Aurec Home:
We are carrying out residential investments in Poland in the green districts of Warsaw, in Włochy, Ursus and Białołęka, and in each of them we provide customers with units of various square meters, including three-room units. The most popular are the "three-room" units of about 55 sqm. as part of the Home&Office offer, in which all the internal walls in the units can be moved, which gives very large arrangement possibilities already at the construction stage. This means that owners can freely plan a spacious, bright kitchen with a window, a dressing room or a place to work even for two people, right next to the home area.

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