Kaufland plans to open six new outlets in Poland by the end of 2023

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-21   16:14

Kaufland Poland is ready for expansion and the chain will open six new outlets later this year, announced head of the investor relations department Ryszard Wysokiński.

"We are ready for expansion all the time, we want to make this expansion. We're interested in growing all over Poland, we want to expand both in big cities and in smaller centers. This year we will open six new locations scattered all over Poland," Wysokiński said.

"I am convinced that we will sign more and more leases in existing facilities. There will be, as we are already seeing today, revitalization of shopping centers that have lost their function for some reason, or when some companies have left Poland, such as Tesco, which has a lot of real estate left behind. I think this is one direction of development, but of course not the only one," he added.

After 20 years in business, Kaufland now has more than 240 outlets across Poland. Wysokiński noted that the chain relies on organic growth, adding that it is "picky" when it comes to choosing locations for new outlets of the chain and the decision-making process sometimes takes quite a long time.

"I can boast that for more than 20 years of Kaufland's operations in Poland, we have not closed a single store, which proves that these choices were right," he concluded.

Source: Kaufland and ISBnews