Most announces for the third time a public tender for the repair of the Repre House of Culture

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-07   10:20

Most is launching a tender for the reconstruction of the Repre cultural centre for the third time. The city has incorporated the comments of the Office for the Protection of Competition, which cancelled the previous tender. The construction deadline will be delayed by about five months, announced the mayor Marek Hrvol (ProMOST). Most has been promised CZK 360 million in subsidies for the repairs, the total cost is around CZK 1 billion.

"We have decided not to oppose the decision of the Office for the Protection of Competition because it would cost us more time than announcing a new tender," Hrvol told the Czech News Agency. He said the city was doing everything possible to find a contractor as quickly as possible so it could make the biggest investment in its modern history. "Some of the subsidies are tied to the completion date, plus it's an embarrassment in the middle of the city," the mayor said.

The city incorporated all the comments of the antitrust authority, which accused the council of discriminatory conditions, into the tender. "Unreasonable reference requirements limited the pool of bidders," Martin Švanda, a spokesman for the Office for the Protection of Public Competition (OPC), it was announced.

Source: CTK
Photo: Magistrát města Mostu