Yazaki closes auto components factory in Buzău

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-09-14   10:24

Yazaki Group, one of the largest automotive suppliers, has announced that it is adjusting its production capacities to align with the current global automotive market situation amid increasing electrification, and will close its Buzău auto components plant and reduce the number of jobs in Ploiești.

For the plants in Braila, Caracal and Ploiesti, the company will take measures to ensure that it will be able to develop in the future.

"Due to the premature discontinuation of the production of a car model of one of our main customers - for a transition to electric models as soon as possible, due to the lack of manpower and the demographic situation, our company has taken strategic measures to enable it to adapt to the situation and prepare adequately for the future," the Yazaki release states.